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Quruli (くるり) Best 10 – Japanese rock band

A Japanese band “Quruli” was formed in 1996 from Kyoto. Their music is kind of Alternative rock or Electric rock but each album has different taste and those are very interested. My favorite tunes are from some of particular albums. It is my presure if you could find something new.


 #10 リバー(River) /  TEAM ROCK (2001)

8th single my friend introduced this song when i was student and knew Quruli.

Good for driving or walking in sunny happy day.


#9 言葉はさんかく こころは四角 TRIANGLE (Kotoba wa sankaku Kokoro wa shikaku TRIANGLE ) / ワルツを踊れ Tanz Walzer (2007)

19th single


#8 シャツを洗えば (Shatsu wo araeba) / 言葉にならない、笑顔を見せてくれよ (Kotobani naranai, Egao wo misete kure yo) (2010)

Collaboration with Yumi Matsutoya, a big name in Japanese music. Lrycs are about washing shirt. Matches with sunny day, you would be in a mood for washing clothes.


 #7 犬とベイビー(Inu to Baby) / 言葉にならない、笑顔を見せてくれよ (Kotobani naranai, Egao wo misete kure yo) (2010)

Cool, I like to sing this song in Karaoke.


 #6 さよならリグレット(Sayonara regret) / 魂のゆくえ (Tamashii no yukue)(2009)

Collaboration with Asako Toki who is a famous Japanese jazz singer.

 #5 三日月 (Mikazuki) / 魂のゆくえ (Tamashii no yukue) (2009)

Personally linsted this song when I lived in Mexico. This reminds me nights in Mexico.

#4 Natsuno / 魂のゆくえ (2009)

I like to listen this song when I’m driving. This makes me feel to escape to somewhere else.

 #3 春風 (Harukaze) / ベスト オブ くるり Tower Of Music Lover (Best of Quruli Tower Of Music Lover) (2006)

Great tune, only inlcuded in their best album.

#2 魔法のじゅうたん (Mahou no Juutan) / 言葉にならない、笑顔を見せてくれよ (Kotoba ni naranai, Egao wo misete kure yo) (2010)

Great tune used to use for a commercial song for a energy drink in Japan.

#1 Remember me / The Pier (2014)

Singing about family, beautiful song.

If you find something new and have interested in some songs, that would be my presure. Thank you for reading.